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We're able to finance every projects if the project promoters are able to do any of the following:

Option 1:

Either they provide us with a Collateral BG/SBLC registered on EUROCLEAR / BLOOMBERG SCREENS for loan principal amount plus accrued interest of % per annum applied to the principal loan amount.

Click here to Download our acceptable Verbiage


Option 2:

Provide 5% of the total projects cost in CASH as seed money to enable us raise a collateral BG and in this case, we'll take up controlling equity of about 51% to 60% in the project until we've been fully repaid back our money. This option requires us to setup an SPV in The Netherlands. All costs incurred by the Borrower are fully refundable once the Collateral BG has been raised.

Please note that not all Projects are eligible for Option 2 as this would be based upon our interest in the Executive Summary.

Anybody who want to promote projects worth billions of USD should be able to commit at least 5% in CASH and assets into his own projects.

Having a nice executive summary is not enough as the investor should not be expected to bear all the risks in a project.
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