Basic truth for those in need of Loans or Joint Venture.

Before considering seeking international funders, have you considered getting funds via your local banks or local investors/others? If YES, what was the outcome of your outcome?

Definitely, if your local funding application outcome is positive, you wont be seeking for funds from international investors. This means you ran out of options. At this point, you need help and you must be loyal.

Here are some tips for a successful international funding for you:

  1. Be smart, diligent and loyal in action and decisions.
  2. Be advised that you will require an experienced legal adviser and also a professional Accountant/Auditor to give you full time side-by-side consultation.
  3. DoA / Termsheet must be in accordance to global acceptable standards.

Many are victim of scams due to the medium they have used in sourcing for the loan cannot be justified.

International Funding can only take place with the below options:

  1. Provide a collateral BG/SBLC issued in USD or EURO to cover the principal loan amount plus the accrued interests and/or;
  2. Be ready to go into Joint Venture (JV). This option might be tricky as it might require some commitments from the Promoter/Client. Every Funders have their own definition on securing their interests into this method as this is high risk.
  3. Using other valuables as collateral such as Mining etc.

Most business promoters are just day-dreamers as they do not understand how international funding works.

Many clients have no financial securities but just want Investors to disburse funds to their bank account. Your local bank cannot tolerate this style, so therefore stop wasting your time also.

If client is unable to provide a collateral BG/SBLC, we can enter into a JV partnership whereby we’ll take 51% – 60% controlling equity in the project until we’ve been fully repaid back?

If Client choose option B, then the project promoters needs to have at least 0.5% as SEED MONEY which shall be used to pay for the registration of a new SPV company in The Netherlands plus cost of procuring a collateral BG. It’s this collateral BG that we shall deposit with our funding bank to allow the release of funding for the projects.

If Client do not have a collateral BG and also don’t have 0.5% in CASH to enable us raise a collateral BG, let the client indicate what form of acceptable collateral is he/she willing to provide?

For JV, Client must be willing to travel to Europe and deposit the SEED money into a bank certified escrow agent account to enable us to raise the collateral BG to secure the release of the funds to the client.

All costs including the seed money is fully refundable to the client once we’ve secured the collateral SBLC and raised money on it.

Anybody who want to promote projects worth billions of USD should be able to commit at least 0.5-1% in CASH and assets into his own projects.

Having a nice executive summary is not enough as the investor should not be expected to bear all the risks in a project.

Double up your hustle rather!!!

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